• Please register for a wholesale account, we will manually look over your application and email you once your access has been approved.
  • We are accepting credit cards again, and permanently. However, ACH is still our preferred payment method. Use whatever makes you feel good! If you have any questions please call us. —> 720-420-1734 EXT. 3
  • Unfortunately the  banking laws in the US  have not caught up yet with the updated 2018 farm bill. This means that our new credit card processor is based in the UK. So please be aware that charges on your statement will show an international charge. Once the charge posts to your account it will show a reference to Color Up so you know it’s from us. A small number of card carriers might charge an international transaction fee. This is rare, but it’s best to check with your provider to see if there is any fee. This is the only option currently that will allow us to provide you reliable credit card processing. If you would prefer a domestic option, our ACH payments are US-based.
  • For all orders over $1,000, we will require a signature upon delivery. This can be signed for by anyone at your location, and will not cost you extra. This is to make sure your package is delivered to you in a timely manner, as well as avoiding issues with missing or “delivered” packages that never make it. Going forward, we will not be able to replace an order if your USPS tracking number shows the package as being delivered. Without a signature for the package, the tracking number and the USPS confirmation is all we have to verify the successful delivery.



-Color Up